Preview images are NOT edited: color, contrast or exposure may NOT be accurate.  Additionally, images do not appear the same on all computers!  For these reasons some preview images on the website may be darker or lighter than others or have a color cast- its OK, the prints will be right.  

Preview images are CROPPED to best fit (usually) to make image comparisons easier for you.  However, we can often re-crop differently for a specific need (“zoom” in or out or crop horizontal vs. vertical, etc.)

Preview images are LOW Resolution.  Some may appear soft; again- prints are ALMOST ALWAYS sharper than screen previews.

BOTTOM LINE– prints nearly always look better than web preview images; so SELECT the shots YOU like best based on the pose, and let us worry about the technical stuff.  My name is on the bottom of every print- I want each one to be the best possible.  If you aren’t satisfied with your order, please call me immediately so that we can take care of it. 

We DO NOT correct images (edit) UNTIL we print.  ALL IMAGES are cropped to the size ordered then adjusted for optimum  color, sharpness, contrast and exposure prior to printing.

The prints your receive will NOT have the upclosephoto watermark on them.  They will be signed at the bottom, leaving room for a mat or frame. 

As always- contact us if you have ANY questions!