My Story

I was born and raised in northern Indiana, attended college at Purdue University receiving a BS in Agronomy and MS in Botany.   I  reside in rural southwest Georgia where I have lived for 30 plus years.  I have two children, Craig and Lindsey and two grandkids: Craig Jr. and Myla   I also compete and hunt field bred golden retrievers.  Yes, I like the red dogs (swamp collies, rugs, hippy dogs…).



I have been a serious photographer since being introduced to it in graduate school many years ago.  My favorite subjects are ducks and duck dogs, however I also love shooting the wildlife and wild places of south Georgia and north Florida.  My work in wildlife habitat restoration and invasive plant management provides numerous opportunities to capture GOD’s amazing creation.

I am both blessed and humbled by the natural beauty and wonders GOD shows me and the images he enables me to capture and share with others.  I can take credit only for being blessed with a passion for the outdoors, an eye to capture what GOD shows me, the opportunity to do so and a little talent.  GOD does all the heavy lifting- HE creates the beauty.

I shoot Nikon, currently shooting D6 and D850 bodies. I shoot Nikon  glass for waterfowl and retrievers including:  70 – 200mm f2.8, 300 mm f4, 500 mm f5.6,  300 f2.8, 400 f2.8 lenses.  I employ a variety of other Nikon lenses as needed depending on the subject and circumstance.  For support I use Kirk ball heads  on Bogen tripods and monopods.  I have every waterproof camera bag known to man as well as nearly every conceivable camouflage material.  I take delight in and are often mistaken for Not Being There. THANKS for your interest and support and may GOD bless you.