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Drake_MLA8066_WWe shot Flights A, B at Tritronics water (Garmin) and C, D at Drake water plus requested dogs at Upland (these will be in a separate album).  Upload is in progress.  Click HERE to view.  Congratulations to all who passed and thanks to all who made the Grand happen!

2015 Boykin Spaniel Society National Field Trial


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Aenghus_004_040115_TX_w GREAT DOGS in TEXAS- lots of field goldens (and some hot rod labs too)! 


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Special thanks to Roger & Kaye Fuller for use of their awesome property and for all the help they provided. 


Levi_007_snwbrd_032715_w CLICK HERE to go to SNOWBIRD Retriever Club Album

Click HERE to go to 2015 Red Hills Cocker  Trial. Jennie_043_RHcocker15_w