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Series 1/2 ACTION shots are up!  Series 1/2 LINE shots are in progress – Dog/handler Team PORTRAITS are being processed.  Series 3 shot action and line shots are being sorted.   Our recent progress was hampered by…. SLEEP- first time in 4 days we broke 4 hours in one stretch.


DEPENDING on setups for the next 4 series we WILL shoot more- IF we can get something great!  AGAIN- your patience is GREATLY appreciated.

We are focused on getting GREAT images throughout the event of these AWESOME canine athletes, BUT it will take a little time to get everything uploaded.


Golden Retriever Natiional Specialty Field Trial – Cheraw, SC – Oct 27 – 29  Upload IN PROGRESS

SRS Crown Championship – Huntsville, AL – Oct 30 – Nov 2  Upload Pending

Fall Line Retriever Club (AKC hunt test) – Lincolnton, GA -  Nov 7 – 8  TENTATIVE

National Open Retriever Championship – Vicksburg, MS – Nov 15 – 22  DEFINITE

Mid- FL Golden Retriever Club (AKC hunt test)/Central FL HRC (HRC) hunt test – Mulberry, FL – Dec 6 – 7



ETARCwebClick HERE to go to ETRC spring 2014 AKC hunt test.

Junior (sat); Senior (sun); Master B (2nd partial, 3rd complete); Extras.


     !!  UPLOAD COMPLETE  !!

Click here to view images from 2014 Spring Grand in Phenix City, AL.


Click HERE to go to 2014 BSS National field trial album.  Upload is complete.