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We are working on Series 1/2 field action shots right now!  Uploading begins today.  PLEASE be patient- I  shot 5,835 field shots of competing dogs in the rain; these have been renamed, sorted and boiled down to 1,584 ‘keepers’ (around 16 images/dog) which are being processed and uploaded to the website.


ADDITIONALLY- we have team portraits which Shannon shot, in the driving rain (1,433  images) PLUS amazing images from the third series.


We are focused on getting GREAT images throughout the event of these AWESOME canine athletes, BUT it will take a little time to get everything uploaded.


Golden Retriever Natiional Specialty Field Trial – Cheraw, SC – Oct 27 – 29  Upload IN PROGRESS

SRS Crown Championship – Huntsville, AL – Oct 30 – Nov 2  Upload Pending

Fall Line Retriever Club (AKC hunt test) – Lincolnton, GA -  Nov 7 – 8  TENTATIVE

National Open Retriever Championship – Vicksburg, MS – Nov 15 – 22  DEFINITE

Mid- FL Golden Retriever Club (AKC hunt test)/Central FL HRC (HRC) hunt test – Mulberry, FL – Dec 6 – 7



ETARCwebClick HERE to go to ETRC spring 2014 AKC hunt test.

Junior (sat); Senior (sun); Master B (2nd partial, 3rd complete); Extras.


     !!  UPLOAD COMPLETE  !!

Click here to view images from 2014 Spring Grand in Phenix City, AL.


Click HERE to go to 2014 BSS National field trial album.  Upload is complete.